Welcome to Spartan Edge. We would love the honor of ushering you into a healthier way of life through thoughtful explorations of better living strategies.

Welcome to Spartan Edge. We would love the honor of ushering you into a healthier way of life through thoughtful explorations of better living strategies. This includes diet, health and exercise. Whether you are a young adult, settled into retirement, or anywhere in between, we hope to be your resource for locating proven methods to incorporate into daily living. Utilizing the latest research results and conventional wisdom, our collective goal is educating readers to thrive in today’s fast-paced world where information is abundant, but common sense advice is not. No single approach works for everyone, but here at Spartan Edge, expect to find the most innovative concepts directed toward overall good health.

Health Nut in All of Us

Have you failed to embrace fitness and healthier eating because you have always regarded such dedication as something *other people do*? Appealing to all fitness levels is how we approach the needs of our readers, because even those with just a few moments per day can utilize many of the guidelines we endorse. It is never too late or too soon to assimilate better living through exercise and diet. While few of us aspire to be an Olympian, there is a health-conscious person in all of us, just waiting to emerge, and finding our inner athlete is most readily accomplished by defining what physical activities are enjoyable on a personal level. If a regimen is not at least somewhat pleasurable and easy to work into a busy schedule, it will likely fall flat.

Building a Stronger Body Through Nutrition

If you could tweak your eating habits just a bit, and see results, would you make the effort? We hope so, and for this reason, we aim to arm the population with no-nonsense tips on snacking, meal planning and even weight loss strategies. Never will you find a recommendation here about starvation diets. Those never work, and if you are seeking real information about how to lose excess pounds or maintain an ideal weight, you are in the right place. If you are seeking ways to shed excess mass in a healthy way, your better body image can start by making just a few changes in your current routine. The best motivation to continue your quest will come in the form of seeing real results. When the image in the mirror staring back at you starts to evolve into a stealthier version, inspiration naturally surfaces.

Beyond Fitness Practices

Healthy living encompasses more than a dedication to diet and exercise. We are avid proponents of natural healing and preventative measures. Viable alternatives to over-medicating the population exist, and we take pride in sharing constructive pointers to help families and individuals succeed in maintaining optimal health and utilizing natural healing for certain ailments. We do not denounce modern medicine. However, there are many instances where natural healing matches or surpasses medical intervention in effectiveness. In the area of prevention, there are scores of substantiated natural methods worth taking a look at, especially for those who are at a higher risk for developing certain illnesses.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Spartan Edge does not receive financial incentives from outside sources. This sets us apart from some of the most popular fitness blogs, as we endorse only proven brands, independently discovered by us. If you see consumer products mentioned here, be confident we are not name-dropping for a paycheck. This matters because too many fitness authorities sell out to fad brands who carelessly advise on how to lose weight quick or drop pounds fast. What do we think about popular fad diets? We think they are bolstered by great marketing campaigns, but that is where their merits end. Fad diets do not work; a plan for overall health is required to lose weight and keep it off. Any of the top fitness bloggers who claim to have a get-thin-quick plan are selling their readership short and are not enlightening them at all. We are honest when someone asks us, “How do I get thin?” The answer to this is simple: work toward realistic goals. The more pounds you have to lose, the more difficult it will be, but it is possible.

Accentuating What Is Already in Play

If you are currently striving with a great physical activity plan, hopefully you find action points here to safeguard against your techniques becoming stale. Innovating workout routines and menus shield us from deeming our pattern as mundane. When we get bored, we slack. There are so many ways to move and challenge yourself, and if you find yourself disinterested in your daily formula, the time has arrived to mix it up, and we are here to help you stay on track.

Forget fads and filler content. Spartan Edge is your ground zero for beginning or continuing a dedication to physical fitness, wiser eating and holistic health. We put a lot of miles on our bodies, and expecting them to perform at the optimal level without effort is not practical. Good luck on your journey, and thank you for taking us along with you.